Subtrochanteric Femur Fracture

Subtrochanteric Femur Fracture: Pathogenesis and clinical inical findings lack Yu gm: Annalise Alaboo Major trauma s Osteo l: porosis Atypical femur fracture si: Reza Ojaghi ‘1,Usama Malik Dr. Richard Buckley. • moottime of publication An excess amount of Low energy Bisphosphonate force is transferred to forces exerted suppresses bone the femur( e.g. fall onto the remodeling from height in lateral side of elderly, motor vehicle the weakened ii accident in young fem.-Lb..Microscopic pm*/ low level foll) damage Notes: weakens the ————___________L_____———- hone • Subtrochanteric region span, cm .tally from the lesser Subtrochanteric trochorder • Major haumas is most Femur Fracture common in young and low energy fall fractures in elderly
Mechanical instability
Pain with motion Point tenderness Inability to beercei ht
Gluseus maxlmus and minimus force vectors Abduction
proximal femur
Psoas force vector Pirifo o

Non-union of fracture
External rotation
Legend: Pa.ophysiolo. Mechanism sign/Symptom/Lab Finding Complications
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