Fortunately for the students of our great profession, we have many like-minded colleagues across Canada dedicated to improving medical education. We collaborate with many of them, and we’re always open to new collaborations! Our collaborators include:

  • The Department of Undergraduate Medical Education at the University of Calgary medical school; especially the Calgary Black Book: the nationally-recognized book of schematic approaches to common clinical presentations. The Calgary Guide and the Black Book are natural complements for each other. Whereas The Calgary Guide is more focused on explaining specific diseases from the bottom up, the Black Book takes a more holistic, top-down approach in helping clinicians narrow their differential based on clinical findings.
  • The Shared Canadian Curriculum in Family Medicine (SHARC-FM), which recommends our slides as essential background material for family medicine clerks (and medical students in general) across Canada.
  • Various medical students in other medical schools, such as McMaster University or the University of British Columbia, who serve as our external student authors (listed on the “Who We Are” page).
  • An Indonesian research team, led by PhD student Sabrina Anjara from the University of Cambridge in the UK. They’ve translated our Psychiatry section fully into Indonesian, to serve as a useful resource with which to train Indonesian primary care clinicians. For example, Gadjah Mada University’s Faculty of Psychology in Yogyakarta, Indonesia will use the Indonesian TCG slides to equip over 40 of their clinicians in their daily practice. The goal is to improve their competence in looking after mental health patients in Indonesia, where over 90% of mental health patients do not receive adequate care.

Our slides have been published in medical textbooks by various publishers, such as the Oxford University Press. We are proud to offer our content to learners via textbooks free-of-charge; the textbooks containing our work have been donated to the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine to support the same Calgary medical students who work on the Calgary Guide.

Indirectly, our content is also continually evaluated by users from all around the world (over 324,000 users from over 150 countries, as of March 2020). If you have any suggestions of how to improve our content, we’d love to hear from you. Please, Contact Us.