Normal Signs of Placental Detachment

Yu Yan – Normal signs of placental detachment – FINAL.pptx
Normal placental detachment in labor: Key SignsDisruption of blood vessels connecting the placenta with the uterusSemi-detached placenta being dragged out of uterus will pull the uterine fundus down with itThe umbilical cord is of limited length and is attached to the placentaLegend:Published September 5, 2013 on www.thecalgaryguide.comMechanismPathophysiologySign/Symptom/Lab FindingComplicationsAuthor: Yan YuReviewers:Kayla NelsonRadhmila ParmarAlina Constantin** MD at time of publicationWhen placenta fully detaches, the elastic fundus muscle “springs back” to its original superior positionPlacenta begins to detach from uterine wallBlood is lost via the route of least resistanceAs placenta moves closer to the cervix, more of the umbilical cord can be pulled outVaginal Bleeding (exits in gushes)Lengthening of the umbilical cordRise of the uterine fundus (on palpation)3rd stage of labor (placental delivery)Note: Physicians can assist with 3rd-stage progression (detaching the placenta from the uterine wall) by applying a constant downward pressure on the umbilical cord (essentially: gently pulling on the cord)Uterus no longer needs to contract/tense up in order to free the placentaUterus becomes softer (on palpation)
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