Methods to Improve Fetal Oxygenation

Yu Yan – Methods to improve fetal oxygenation – FINAL.pptx
Methods used to improve fetal oxygenation during laborMother’s great vessels are less compressed by the fetus? Involuntary uterine contractions in mother? oxygenation of mother’s bloodInfusing more fluid into uterus shifts uterine structures and ? their cushioning? Blood volume and counteracts the hypotensive effect of epiduralsChange maternal position from supine to left lateral decubitusStop or ? Oxytocin to motherIV fluid bolus to motherAdminister O2 to motherAmnio-infusionLegend:Published September 5, 2013 on www.thecalgaryguide.comMechanismPathophysiologySign/Symptom/Lab FindingComplicationsAuthor: Yan YuReviewers:Kayla NelsonRadhmila ParmarAlina Constantin** MD at time of publicationImproved maternal circulation? amount of oxygen able to be passed to fetusCord may become de-compressed from original sites of compressionMay improve fetal oxygenation Suspect fetal hypoxiaIf cord is prolapsed, can push it back inVaginal exam for cord prolapseRelieves cord pressure, restores cord blood flowIf cord compression suspectedAtypical Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) pattern (i.e. variable decelerations, mild tachycardia, mild ? in HR variability)? Mechanical stress on the fetus, to allow better perfusion of fetusImproved perfusion of maternal organs, including the uterus/fetusNote: if these methods do not restore normal FHR, perform scalp stimulation and scalp pH to better assess fetal hypoxia)Normal FHR pattern
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