Concussion- Acute pathophysiology and Findings

Concussion: Acute pathophysiology and Findings Skull acceleration/deceleration
Authors: Cormac Southam Calvin Howard Reviewers: Emily Ryznar Gary Klein * MD at time of publication
Cellular damage
Cerebral blood flow dysregulation
↓ Blood flow, ↑ Glucose requirement
Brain contacts bone (Coup)
Vaccuum on brain rebound (Contrecoup)
Anatomical damage
Cellular dysregulation
Flux of ions and neurotransmitters
Excitation followed by neuronal depression
Axonal shear
Structural (cytoskeletal) disturbance
Axonal degeneration
Impaired neural communication
Cell death
Chronic atrophy
Persistent impaired cognition
Skull fracture
Vascular shear
Disruption of reticular
activating system
↑ Intracranial pressure
Nausea, Vomiting, Papilledema
Intracranial hemorrhage
↑ Intracranial pressure
Edema, Cerebral herniation
Altered level of consciousness
Cellular energy crisis
Confusion, disorientation, unsteadiness, headache, visual disturbances, anxiety, depression
Sign/Symptom/Lab Finding
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